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Inspired by the products of our country, Cretan tradition & nutrition, we created Hellenic Farms with the aim of Safety and Quality. Having the knowledge and experience in the field of food our aim is, strictly selected and certified products to reach the consumer in the right packaging and at the right price. Knowing the high consumers demands for taste and the global trend for healthy eating, we recommend our products which are adapted to modern requirements and packaged in practical - functional packages that preserve their freshness and nutritional ingredients.
The company

The company HELLENIC FARMS S.A. has been active in the food packaging sector in Rethymnon since 2010 aiming to ensure high quality products.

Since then, with continuous efforts to improve the products quality and services, through continuous research, development and training of the company's staff, and with strict adherence to all specifications combined with certified procedures and quality controls, it has been able to respond faithfully to increasing demands of the seasons while increasing market share in Greece and abroad.

With the constant modernization of our mechanical equipment and always aiming our products to be a quality choice, we have managed to achieve absolute price competitiveness for the benefit of consumers, combining the high demands for a healthy diet and quick and friendly service.





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